Friday, July 31, 2009

Settling Down

This has probably been the longest hiatus I've taken from blogging since I began this blog. My days have been so full and I've missed reading what my other blogging friends have been up to. So if you haven't heard from me I hope you'll at least know you've been in my thoughts :)

So...since our move on the July 18 weekend, about 75% of the boxes are still unpacked and I honestly can't remember what has taken me so long to get to them (sheepish grin). I know that I am waking up a lot earlier than I used to in our old apartment and hitting the sack a little before midnight so that I can get my minimum 6+ hours of sleep. And what do I have to show for it? Scores of unpacked boxes still lying in the garage.

The garage. Oh let me tell you how wonderful it is to have one! It's absolute bliss for an old lazy bones like yours truly :) Can't find a place for something? That's what we have the garage for! Can't find time to unpack? Put it in the garage! Out of sight, out of mind. Wonderful stuff garages. They should let you have more of them LOL.

The kiddo has been happily devouring more of the Horrible Books and we've had a steady stream of unbridled (and often uncalled for) narration (with the frequent gory details thrown in) about this disease or that unhappy British royalty. But happiest (for me) of all is that the kiddo is at last getting to experience stuff I had really wanted him mowing the lawn (or rather literally following Dad about like a puppy while Dad mows the lawn) and watering the very thirsty garlic we have growing in every corner of the yard. He's helped his Dad fix the outdoor grill (mainly cos Mom needs to cook outdoors now to save our off white carpets from the rather heady mix of curry powders and spices Malaysian Indians tend to favor in their cooking, but Mom's not complaining, not now anyway, since she gets such a cool view of the pool while doing it but ask me again come winter time).

Other simple pleasures we're enjoying are sun-dried clothes (one of the few advantages of living in an area where 100+ degrees weather is a norm) and of course the lovely pool the previous owners put in.

And with that I'll leave you to peek at the photos.

Top Left: Helping his Dad to fix the grill. Top Right: Horrible giggling fits.
Mid Left: Kiddo's been having a sudden obsession with crossword puzzles.
Mid Right: Preparing his own yogurt parfait cos Mom was too busy.
Bottom Left: "Mom, I'm bored." "Go teach yourself chess." LOL. But seriously, he actually prefers the computer version now. Bottom Right: Helping Dad smooth out kinks in the extension cord.
Come first week of August, I'll have to get my act together and unpack (all our books are in those unopened boxes!) and devise some sort of a rough plan in time for school. For now, I'm just so glad it's the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to cajole the hubby into considering an investment in more bookshelves.


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see the pool!

    Stiggy loves to mow; yards are so great for kids. If only it would stop raining here...

    Glad to see you're settling in. :)

  2. Ah school can wait another few weeks :) Sounds like kiddo is amusing himself well.

  3. Hi, I'm visiting here via Lilian's blog Wrong Side of Thirty. I'm originally from the SF Bay Area although I'm now living in Singapore. Your pictures are making me miss my childhood home! :)

    As for having more garages, when we lived in London, our neighbors would annoys us because they never parked in their garage and would often block our driveway with their car. Then one day, I walked past them standing in front of an open garage that was NOT the one attached to their house. Turns out they were able to purchase an unattached garage when our development was built so they had TWO garages they weren't parking their cars in. Nuts. lol

  4. Thanks for dropping by Michelle! Yep, yards are great for everyone I think. We still can't believe we actually have one to enjoy now.

    Kerrie, I owe you a long email :) I seriously feel like letting "school" wait forever. Ha ha! Whom am I kidding?

    Hsien, it's lovely of you to drop by here and comment. Guess we might do what your London neighbors did too if our stuff overgrows our garage LOL. But blocking driveways isn't nice. My Dad in Malaysia, now at 74 yrs old, still leaves biting notes on neighbors' car windshields if they as much as dare as block an inch of his gate. LOL. He's as territorial as our hummingbirds.

  5. Re: garages, I agree that they are utterly amazing. Do you realize that we moved in six years ago, and some of those boxes of my husband's accumulation of antique computer parts still aren't unpacked? No, our garage is detached, and those boxes aren't anywhere near my neat and orderly home. To be honest, it may have save this neat freak's sanity. :) Glad you are enjoying your new home!

  6. Annie, I seriously think we're going to have quite a bit of stuff unpacked for the next few years too :) I honestly don't think I can unpack another box for at least another 3 months.


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