Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're Moving!

When I left Kuala Lumpur in 1993 to pursue my undergrad studies in Penang (about 4 hrs up north by car if you ignore speed limits), I didn't realize that I'd be living in rented rooms and apartments the size of shoe boxes for the next 16 years.

Apart from the 6 years we lived in Singapore, most of the places we rented were very much on the small side and that always left me clamoring for space. But there were positives too: less cleaning time and heightened intuition on how to make the most of nooks and crannies LOL.

Now, it's confirmed. We're moving. To a little city on the suburbs of the Bay Area. Not exactly a very popular choice with Bay Area folks due to the 1hr-1.5hr commute to the Silicon Valley. But very much kinder on our wallets with a lot more space to indulge book collecting habits. And a yard! Yippee!

We had a longer escrow to deal with and there were some bumps along the way so I didn't allow myself to get too happy just in case we needed to drop out of the deal again. But it now seems that the way is clear and if all continues to go well, we should be moving sometime around the coming weekend. :)

I can't believe that packing boxes cost what they do over here. We used to be able to get them free very easily from grocery stores back in Malaysia and Singapore. If you are planning to get boxes, I found that U-Haul offers them a lot cheaper than many other places we looked. Or, just save all the old boxes you can; Our bookshelves looking the barest they have been for many years; Everything that can't be put in boxes finds a place at our dining table.

If you know me from the several lists I frequent or as a follower of your blog and have been wondering why I haven't had a chance to say hi for a while, it's because I've been packing. It feels odd to look at bare bookshelves. And the boxes are gradually robbing my already dark apartment of the little light we get. But it's all good.

The house we're moving to already feels like a home thanks to the great job the previous owners have done keeping it well maintained. I can't wait to begin unpacking and settling in. Perhaps I'll even be efficient enough to set up a little school room or school corner so that there will be a little less insanity each time we have company.

I'll share photos when I'm done :)
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  1. Congratulations! And drat! I kept hoping that one of these days I'd figure out the Magic Tree House co-op you've got kiddo in and get Sayer into it and then I'd manage to meet you. But you're moving awaaaaay! :( But YAY for more room for books! That's awesome! I hope your move goes smoothly and that you're all settled in and posting pics and collecting books and having fun in the homeschooling room/corner!

  2. Nonie, that is so very sweet of you :) Thank you! If it's any consolation, the MTH co-op will no longer be offered since the co-op is disbanding due to lack of funds. If you need info on a similar co-op email me! Email link's on my green sidebar.

  3. I'm bummed to hear about the MTH co-op disbanding. I'd still love to learn more about them and what they did ...

    I'd love to have more info on other co-ops! I did just send you a 'test' email ... I've written to you once or twice before and had no response. I'm thinking maybe you didn't get them because some ISPs don't like my email address - it ends in .ws instead of the more common .com/.net/.org, and they maybe just think it's spam. Sigh. But we'll see if it hits your inbox!

  4. Congrats Suji. Atlast the day has come. It is a lot of fun to be in a new home:)) I remember fondly of those days...ofcourse, we are at the moment of downsizing at the present:) with one kiddo trying to be take the early college path and another into high school. Different facets of life, but I miss the days of when my kids were 5,6,7 yr olds...time flew by fast for me. Sigh. Good luck with everything
    Do u boil milk or do anything of a 'custom' for new a Indian style house warming? I know you are a Malaysian, but being in the US for so long, I am unable to break old habits and customs:))
    Take ur time to enjoy and savor each moment as they do go by fast:))

  5. Can't wait to see photos of the new place. Hope the move goes smoothly - well, as smoothly as it can anyway :)

  6. Nonie, I found your email in my spam folder! I've just replied with a list of links. Hope some of it is helpful to you.

    Subadra, thank you for dropping by :) Yes we do boil milk too only that I am pretty lax with customs but this time I really feel like doing it. It just feels different cos for the first time, it's our own home. I really am looking forward to having a yard (or garden as we call it back home). Green grass just outside my door...heaven! :)

    Kerrie, thank you as always for your sweet, thoughtful wishes. I'm trying to expect the worst...that way I will be fully prepared for them LOL...I will share the details soonest that I can :)

  7. Suji--I'm so happy for you! I'll be thinking of you as you make your move and sending as many positive vibes as possible from the East coast that everything goes smoothly for you all!

  8. Fantastic! I hope it all goes smoothly; can't wait to see photos. Enjoy! :)

  9. Hi Suji -- Good luck with the move! So happy for you and the fam!


  10. Christina, Michelle, Amita, thank you so so much for your well wishes. You guys are honestly so sweet :) Armed with wishes like these I just can't help feeling that nothing can go wrong. Thanks again ladies!

  11. Boiling milk? I need to know more about this. Sounds very intriguing.

    Congratulations, Suji. I felt SO thrilled when we finally bought our first house- sometimes it was as though it would never happen. And you didn't say anything about the POOL! A POOL! How amazing is that?

  12. He he, thanks Sheila :) It's a lovely pool and we're very fortunate to have this house. But the reality of moving from 800sf to a much larger home is only now finally sinking in (yikes!!!). I'm going to be emailing you often for tips on yard maintenance! :)


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