Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We've Moved!

We finally made it and I must say it was a pretty smooth move all things considered (like the 55-mile distance and 100+ degree weather).

At least stuff-wise, I've achieved some semblance of order. The books are still in the boxes since we don't have the shelf space for them yet but most of the kitchen stuff, clothes and things you would normally put in the garage, have been unpacked.

Kiddo-wise, I feel like he's learnt a lot more being left to his own devices these past 2 weeks than with the usual structured sort of way that I try to approach our lessons. He got pretty immersed in the Horrible Science series during the move (yes, I bribed him in return for some peace and quiet, I readily admit) that his addiction to the books got rather scary so to wean him off, I gave him the pile of newspapers our sellers subscribed to. He's having fun right now filling up a crossword puzzle (and asking me 9 times out of 10 if we can google for the answers LOL). But it's heartwarming to see how much he already knows that I cannot take credit for.

Schedule-wise, we have many changes coming our way. One good thing is that most places are within 5-8 miles of each other in our new home town so it doesn't take me a whole day to get outdoorsy stuff done. The possibly inconvenient thing is that we've decided to put off getting a second car for now. The hubby has a long commute to San Jose for work so I'll need to get resourceful with using public transport again. But I don't think that'll be too bad (unless we have too many heatwaves like the one we did on moving week).

Taking the bus has lots of benefits. When we first moved to San Jose from Singapore, I still wasn't driving so the kiddo and I would take buses everywhere and that helped us quickly familiarize ourselves with the streets and important places. All that time together waiting for the bus--without the computer in front of me--also usually results in long discussions with the kiddo about all the stuff he likes or wants to find out. And the kiddo gets to practice his social skills a lot on the bus too :) AND, we save money. LOL. Yes, I need all the advantages I can think of to stop myself from complaining about waiting for a bus under the migraine-inducing weather here.

I hope to blog more once I find the time. It feels lovely having our own home at last but at the same time I'm filled with apprehension that I won't do a good job keeping it clean (we have off-white carpets and cream-colored fabric blinds that came with the house!) and well-maintained. I'll probably grow out of this worry soon but for now it's an overwhelming feeling especially considering how much more space we have now and how much further I have to walk and climb to reach and clean the space. And how often the neighbors are reminding me that the previous owners took impeccable care of the house. Aaaah me poor back!

But I think it's all worth it. We are fortunate indeed to have a great house and neighborhood to call home. I am so grateful and humbled that we have this opportunity. And I want to warmly thank everyone who showered me with good wishes. You guys are the greatest :)
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  1. Hurray! I'm so glad for you! Roll around on those carpets (without your shoes and in clean clothes, of course) and enjoy every single second of it, because before you know it, it will be all old hat to you.

  2. So happy you're finally in! And don't worry about maintaining the house. Before we moved into our house, we lived with my father-in-law, who is very independent and insisted on doing all the cooking and cleaning. Stiggy was only a year old when we moved to our house, and quite a handful. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to look after a whole house (instead of just one room and a bathroom), cook, and look after a baby...but I did and looking back it makes me adapt and manage.

    Maybe you can enlist your son to help you with the chores? stiggy does most of the vacuuming now, which is such a help. He also likes to dust and is great at tidying. We, too, have cream-coloured carpets. A good carpet shampooer really helps.

    I can totally empathise about the public transport. I was always used to having my own car, but here I'm almost totally reliant on walking, buses and trains during the day, but instead of having to deal with the heat, it's the rain, wind, and the cold! :) But it's character-building and great for kids: makes them slow down and appreciate things, and as you said, it's great for social skills and discussions. Plus, kids love buses and trains. :)

    Congrats and enjoy! :)

  3. Glad it all went smoothly! Welcome back :)

  4. Yahoo! The move is over!

    I wish you every happiness in your new home.

  5. sheila, Michelle, Kerrie, Annie, thanks so much for your thoughts and well wishes. :) I'm still up to my ears trying to figure out new routines and wondering if I should just forget about waiting for new bookshelves and just unpack the books anyway LOL :)

    I think I'll just get up now and do that. :)

    Take care you guys!


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