Sunday, September 13, 2009

Capital Airshow 2009

A field trip for two gushing, exhilarated grown ups (and one slightly bored kid LOL).

Click on photos to zoom!


  1. lol, as long as you and K enjoyed it :)

  2. Very cool. Who is doing the flying? We had the Thunderbirds at Dover AFB this year. We PCSed over the summer and it turns out the Thunderbirds are coming here. So my son and I will get to see them twice in one year (my husband was already at this base, so he missed out on the Dover show).

    My son says they're too loud, but once they start their aerial acrobatics, he loves it!

  3. Thanks Kerrie :) We surely did!

  4. I had my mouth open almost throughout their acrobatics (and I think I could feel sand in my throat on our way back LOL)! They were awesome. I cringed a lot too cos they flew SO close together. Full details on pilots here.

  5. What a cool field trip :) I was at an airshow in Tahoe last month for business. Not bad to get to hang out and watch the aerobatics while chatting with moms as they cared for their babies :) Fringe benefits.

  6. My hubby would LOVE to have your job Nonie!!


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