Thursday, November 19, 2009

Under The Weather

All wrapped up and cosy in a fleece blanket and another well-padded comforter, holding what was once an origami sailboat and watching an episode from The History Channel's Universe Season 2, DS tries to outwit the cold, the boredom and activity-numbing fatigue that comes with battling a runny nose and fever.

He wanted me to write this post and update everyone on his illness. Now if that isn't a child of the blogger age what is eh?


  1. Love it! Not the illness though - hope A feels better soon!

  2. Thanks Annie, Yen! He started complaining of sore eyes last night too (aack!). Thankfully, he's a lot better this morning.

  3. Poor munchkin :( Hope he feels better soon. I'll email you later today.


  4. LOL! That is so cute that he'd want to update us. I hope he feels better soon though!

  5. Thanks ladies :) He is a lot perkier and his eyes are healing too!


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