Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2000 - 2009: Moments To Remember

I was scrolling through this blog's archives to read the December posts for 2008 and found this paragraph:

"We're now half way through Year 1. It's been an immensely educational semester for the both of us. I can't wait to see what 2009 will bring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a new home with tonnes of bookshelves and a lovely, cosy corner to do school in."
Isn't it absolutely mind-blowing how quickly a year goes by and you find that so much has happened in your life and just 365 days ago, you would have had no clue it was going to turn out this way?

Here's a recap of all the major moments in my life from 2000 to 2009.

2000 - 2001
It's odd that I can't remember much of the decade pre-kiddo except for all the times I rushed to get to work on time and rushed through ad campaigns. The decade began with us leaving the island of Penang in Malaysia where DH and I met and married and moving to Singapore (Feb 2000). DH and I led very workaholic lives. I wrote ads and helped manage accounts for several high-profile clients.

I quit from my approx 15-hours-a-day ad agency career to have a delightful 41 weeks of pregnancy. It was definitely the singularly most wondrous time of my life. I devoured pregnancy books and parenting manuals. In October, DS was born. Soon discovered how off-the-mark pregnancy guides could be.

Went back to working full-time but it was VERY difficult for me to be away from my baby. The bus that brought me home after work would leave me at least a quarter mile away from my doorstep. I would actually hail a cab so that I could be home sooner and hold him for 20 minutes longer.

Juggling a full-time, demanding career and a growing freelance business while parenting DS and also trying to keep up with my perfectionistic housekeeping tendencies made this a very stressful year for me. I somehow survived on just about 4 hours of sleep a day.

In June 2005 I stopped working full-time to focus completely on freelance writing and editing. I wanted to be at home for DS so that he wouldn't have to be so miserable at the daycare/ preschool he'd been attending for the past 1.5 years. In December, we left Singapore for a brand new life in California. I looked forward to this immensely because I knew it would give me even more quality time with my son.

Our first year in the US of A. The hubby and I began driving for the very first time in our lives. For some reason, the both of us didn't get a chance to drive till we were in our 30s. Perhaps that's why we love driving so much and still have playful fights during shopping trips over who gets to drive. Also, we bought our first car this year. I call "him" Seabiscuit (sheepish grin...yes, I still name all my gadgets and toys!).

The year we began homeschooling! I already blog about it so much I think I won't say anymore LOL.

Believe it or not I think the single most life-changing event of 2008 was starting this blog and actually keeping up with it. Eversince 2003 or so, I have tried numerous times to begin and keep writing a blog and have each time struggled to post regularly, eventually deleting the accounts.

I guess it took something like homeschooling the kiddo for me to sustain interest in blogging.


We had a lovely Christmas spent with close friends and filled with good food and lots of laughter. As I look back at this year I am reminded again about how fortunate I am. A loving family sprinkled all over the world. Truly good friends (a number of whom I don't actually meet in real life!). And I'm so thankful for our new home and the two awesome guys I share it with. The highlight of this year would definitely have to be moving here and settling in.

My wishes for the next decade: many more years of funschooling, blogging and being with my guys and keeping in close touch with friends and family. I hope I'm able to lead as wholesome and fruitful a life as I can.
Happy 2010 everyone!


  1. Lovely post, Suji. Nicely thoughtful.

  2. What a beautiful post! And those pictures [sigh]...such an adorable little boy...and now he's looking *so* grown up! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hey, thanks you guys! :) Yeah, just wanted to put that down there cos I tend to forget things easily and want to look back when I'm older and chuckle about it all you know? They do grow up so quickly don't they? sheila's oldest is already a teen! I can't imagine how I will react when DS becomes one! Probably bury myself with some books in a room (bright enough to read in) and refuse to come out. Does 'ostrich' come to mind?

  4. What a great look back at the past decade in your life. I for one am very thankful you started and kept up this blog, otherwise I would never have "met" one of my best friends!!!

  5. Aw, thanks Kerrie! I'm really glad I met you through the blog too y'know! I'm just not good at saying it how you do :) Hugs, my dear friend!


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