Tuesday, December 22, 2009


DS: What do you call an underwear that makes jokes?
Me (cringing): I don't know kiddo, what do you call an underwear that makes jokes?
DS: Punderwear!

DS: Mom, what do you call old songs played in Antartica?
Me: Sigh...what do you call them?
DS: Coldies!


  1. It must be the week for it! We've been having lots of "ape" jokes - What do you call a sick ape? A gor-ILL-a. What do you get when you cross an ape with a vampire? An orangu-fang. etc etc etc

  2. lol - good one kiddo!

    Sounds like our place - Billy has really started getting into puns and making up his own jokes. Every now and then he comes up with one that's funny :)


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