Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cubism: Origami Ornaments

I promised I'd post how I made these origami Christmas tree ornaments. They were made from instructions given to us by the wonderful lady who introduced DS to origami in 2007/2008, our ex-education specialist Ms CB.

Ms CB would always stress that you could never press a crease firmly enough or be exact enough with your folds LOL. So gentle reader, if you'd like to try this task I emphasize that it's very important to focus on the creases and making folds as exact as you can to help your cube stay firmly in place. Other than that, it's a very fun, therapeutic project and definitely gives your fingers something else to do while the fruit cake bakes.

And oh yes, remember to be creative with your choice of paper and paper sizes. Here I'm using 3" x 3" origami paper (I cut our 6" ones) but I've also experimented with sparkly, good quality gift wrappers cut into various sizes.

You will need 6 pieces of the same-sized paper to make one cube, a stapler and ornament hooks for completed cubes.

1. Place square design side up.
2. Fold square in half.
3. Fold sides in to center crease.
4. Fold lower left corner and upper right corner in. They shouldn't meet the crease exactly.

5. Fold both corners in again. This time, the edge should meet the crease.
6. and 7. Fold sides in to meet center crease.
8. Fold upper edge to meet lower edge, forming a square. Make a firm crease then open again.

9. Fold upper left edge diagonally.
10. Open, then tuck into pocket.
11. Repeat with lower right edge.
12. Fold into half, forming a sort of a triangular, bunny-eared shape. Fold each triangular "ear" back on itself.
13. Make five more copies.

14. To assemble, select one folded piece and fit one point into a pocket of another piece. This is best done while resting your elbows on the table.

15. and 16. Be patient as the first time is usually hard! Keep adding a piece to form each side of the cube.
17. Before you tuck in the final point into its pocket, staple it halfway across.
18. Gently hook on the ornament holder and you're done!

Good luck! The cubes are simpler to assemble after you've tried making one or two.
If you're feeling more adventurous, google "origami ornaments". There are just so many cool ideas out there. Or head over to Greenridge Chronicles for sheila's very creative ornament ideas! For crafty Christmas creations in the kitchen, "peep" at Not So Humble Pie for Ms Humble's delightful marshmallow snowman recipe.


  1. Wow...

    Preciseness has never been my forte so I think I'll give them a miss :)

  2. OMG, Suji, you say you aren't crafty yet you can turn out these things? Surely you jest. That is complicated. I will set FDPG on them, I think. She's starting to drive me nuts (ONLY 79 HOURS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!) and this might occupy her for a while.

  3. I might not have been clear about this...these are actually pretty easy to fold! It just takes a little practice. Sheila, I would definitely consider myself a more recent folder than FDPG so I don't think she'd find them tricky at all. The only problem, if there's one at all, is having the patience to make 6 units to assemble one cube :)


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