Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Crafty Christmas

A Christmas carol I like very much goes "Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart".

It goes on to include more religious sort of lyrics on thoughts I don't adhere to personally but overall, I like this song very much. Especially these days when I have been having so much on my mind and haven't been feeling very festive. But today, it sort of all finally started creeping into my heart. And I did something I haven't been able to do for a while, especially since my status had to change from very financially-independent career gal to very financially-dependent SAHM. I went online and ordered the boys their Christmas gifts! Just hope we receive them on time and I manage to surprise them.

Sigh...isn't it amazing how the season just sneaks up on you? I can't believe we're almost half way past our school year and it's actually time to relax some (more than we usually do anyway). After about a half hour of some sort of math activity we're done for the day and he wants to read or play or cut up stuff and sing on top of his voice and try to imitate Shock's (from The Electric Company) boombox tunes, driving me almost to the point of insanity (I'm a peace and quiet sorta person KWIM?).

The kiddo has been feeling more excited than his mom for sure, possibly since a week ago when our local library threw open its doors, inviting the city's kids to a holiday craft workshop.

The kiddo and I made Christmas wreaths and a number of paper snowflakes. Then we got home and made more snowflakes.

We might have gone a little overboard with the snowflakes actually.

But hey, it's our window (at last! after so many years of living with rented windows and doors and rooms and all LOL) and it's Christmas after all and we can go overboard and be crazy if we want to right?

This year, now that we have higher ceilings, we had planned to get a really pretty and tall Christmas tree but due to DH being away on business for so long, we missed a number of special sale prices on the better-looking pre-lit trees. So we went for a $20, six-foot tree in a box from Walmart, some lights and 2 cheap boxes of ornaments.

The boys set it up the same night and now we have a Christmas tree! (happy jig)

It's been years since we had one, you know. We bought our first when we lived in Singapore but managed to enjoy it for only one Christmas because we moved here a year later and gave the tree away to a relative.

Well, our new tree is looking very bare bones right now but I guess over the years we could collect ornaments and do it up real nice. I also hit on an idea to convert one of DS' origami cube projects into cube-ish Christmas tree ornaments! It isn't exactly professional looking but seems cute enough (from a distance) and very, very cheap (keyword!). Will follow up with a post on how you can do this at home.

How are you spending the season gentle reader?

Many, many warm wishes for a lovely holiday!


  1. Love the snowflakes - I don't think you could have too many :)

  2. We're going to have a gentle week next week, playing games, reading A Christmas Carol, baking, etc. We don't celebrate Christmas, but we still enjoy this season and like to make a few cards and gifts for those close to us who do celebrate Christmas.

    Warm wishes to you and your family. :)

  3. He he, the kiddo agrees with you wholeheartedly Kerrie! And Michelle, thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays to you and yours too!

  4. Suji--I love the snowflakes, too. And of course you need a lot out there in CA! We may have to make some, ourselves, as all that lovely snow we had has gone and melted on us, darn it! Hope the week leading up to Christmas is all that you want it to be.


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