Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rural Malaysia

My sister (who lives in Kuala Lumpur with my folks at the moment) is an avid, budding photographer. She took these photos in Sekinchan, (in the state of Selangor), one of Malaysia's major rice-producing locales.

Photos like these always tug at my heartstrings. They bring me back to the days of my childhood, frequenting spots like these on road trips with my parents and stopping by one or two for a sumptuous seafood dinner. Snoozing in the car on the way back. Sigh...

Malaysia (or at least Kuala Lumpur) is such a hodge podge of consumerism + industrial pollution + partially-gleaming, partially-hazy cityscapes now that I'm amazed sleepy, heartrendingly peaceful areas like these still exist!

Can't wait to be home next March!

Feel free to click on the photos to zoom in.


  1. Suji, I love these photos! Your sis is very talented. When are you going home?

  2. Thanks Yen! She'd love to know that you think that :) We plan to leave first week of March and return first week of April 2010 :) She's getting married!

  3. Suji, your sister is a brilliant photographer! Thank you so much for posting. I really enjoyed seeing Malaysia through her eyes, even if it's right next door :P.

  4. Beautiful! Such amazing photography. Wow, I bet you're getting excited about your trip! :)

  5. Terima kasih (thank you in Malay) ladies! Yes, I am very eager to see my folks and catch up with sis :) The kiddo is looking forward to hugging his favorite aunt again.

  6. Wow, thanks for the photos. I'd loved seeing them.


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