Monday, January 18, 2010

Greek Myths on the Web

Kiddo's mythology course is unveiling a number of awesome websites that address Greek myths. A huge thanks to the course creator, JS, for her very dedicated research and excellent course design! I wanted to bookmark a few sites just in case DS wants to use them again in the future.

The National Mythology Exam prep course is offered at JS' OnlineG3.

Some of the amazing sites we've used so far in the course as well as through googling:

Odyssey Online Greece - be sure to mouse over some of the graphics of Greek statues...they make some cool moves! Also check out the Ancient Greece Meets Hogwarts link. There's also an Odyssey Online Ancient Americas sister site and other ancient world sites but none as cool as the one on Greece in my humble opinion.

The Theoi Project - this site seems to be updated regularly so keep checking back...there's info on dragons, giants etc too.

MythWeb - I like the illustrated version of Hercules' Labors here.

Rick Riordan's (author of Percy Jackson series) Explore Greek Mythology page. Contains more links, including links to games.

Ancient Greece for Kids - lots of cool info and clip arts.

More Greek Myth info in these previous posts:
Greek Mythology Booklist
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  1. These look like great resources. Thanks for posting them. I'm filing them for when we study Greece next fall.

  2. Suji, we used to live across the street from the Carlos Museum at Emory University! We spent many, many hours in the galleries when M was a toddler, reading the Magic Tree House books and pretending to be transported to different civilizations. What an awesome website. It's also an awesome museum - you must visit one day :)

  3. Thanks so much for this! We're coming up to ancient Greece in SOTW and these sites will really come in handy.

  4. Sarah, Michelle, you are so welcome! Yen, you already know how I feel about wanting to come live with you :) or at least the next best thing, visiting a museum with you!


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