Sunday, January 17, 2010

OneNote Experiment Part II

The final verdict:

I would say that I've definitely experienced more pros using my MS One Note-based schedule or e-workbox system than cons. Our days are smoother, I'm better able to juggle the sudden curveballs life throws at us and have on the whole a much better idea of what we've accomplished for the week.

Important bonus: kiddo finds it easy to use. And he gets a lot of free time in the afternoons to tinker and think.

At the same time I must emphasize that I have no dreamy ideas about the system staying as it is. As I type this I'm already wondering how it will evolve once we finish kiddo's mythology course and again, once we get back from Malaysia in April. I'm going to be tweaking and changing it as we need to. It's still dependent on me to make it work after all. Me. Capital M. The forever schedule tweaker-changer.

But I still like it. I have a feeling it has a lot to do with the system being on the computer (and hence we save on paper...woohoo!) and being pleasing enough on my eyes.


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