Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I hope this means the blogger is beautiful too, and not just the blog LOL.
Lots of thanks to Sheri for this award. These are my favorite reads of the year, in no particular order:

Sheri's Our Pace homeschool blog where she seems to have so much fun with her two wonderful kiddos.
Sarah's In Need of Chocolate where she lists lots of great books that she reads with her 2 daughters.
And my other favorite Sarah at Quarks and Quirks who is on an amazing adventure with her two science-loving boys.

Award requirements:
  1. Thank person who gave you the award. Thanks again Sheri!
  2. Pass it on to 15 favorite bloggers you've just recently discovered. I hope it's respectful enough to choose just 3!
  3. Let them know they got the award. I'll be leaving a comment on your blogs.
  4. Share 7 things about yourself. Here goes...
My 7 things:
  1. I'm a fan of young adult fiction. I always prefer these to novels for grown-ups. Among my favorites are the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Mysterious Benedict Society series.
  2. The only dish I'm really good at cooking is chicken curry.
  3. I adore David Tennant's Dr Who.
  4. I have very vivid dreams.
  5. I love where I live now but my dream was and still is to settle down in Britain, preferably, in Manchester.
  6. For my high school exit exam's Asian History paper, I wrote the entire essay (in the Malay language as required) based on The King and I. I passed!
  7. I dislike air travel.


  1. Why Manchester? I live about 15 minutes away from Manchester. :)

  2. Beautiful blog AND beautiful blogger :)

    Looking at your list - do you combine them and have very vivid dreams about David Tennant??! (Or is that just me lol?!)

  3. Thanks so much for passing this on to me! I love all the marvelous book suggestions I find here!

  4. Michelle, I fell in love with it when I visited back in 1997. My brother was married there and we went as a family to stay for 2 weeks. My sis and I would spend time just walking the streets by ourselves, without any map to giude us. It has been a sort of a dream for me to do some post grad work at the Uni of Manchester if I'm ever able to afford it :) And live in the library if I can :)

  5. He he he thanks Kerrie. I think I won't answer the other question (wink!)

  6. Very well deserved Sarah! And thanks :)

  7. Thanks, Suji, for passing on the award! Your blog is delightful, and I enjoy your tales of life with your son.

  8. Sarah you are so welcome! I am blown away by your 7 things!


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