Sunday, April 4, 2010

We're Back...

...from spending 23 days in Malaysia and 2 in Singapore
...and have a disconcerting tendency to be awake one minute and snoring the next second and having to slap our cheeks to keep ourselves awake till we are supposed to be asleep
...and missing everyone so very, very much, especially a particularly adorable 2-month old who'd gurgle each time I hummed a tune to her and snapped my fingers
...and wishing my home would dust and clean itself
...and wondering if I can pass off 25 days of vegetating as learning about Asian/Indian cultural traditions on the kiddo's charter school report.

Photos and details of our trip to hopefully follow once I manage to get my internal clock to properly readjust!


  1. Welcome back, Suji!

    I absolutely think 25 days of cultural studies can be put in that school report.

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Welcome home! Glad to "see" you are back.

  3. So happy you're back! Welcome home! You were very much missed :) Can't wait to see photos once the jet lag has passed. :)

  4. Glad to have you back - I've missed you!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the welcome backs ladies! I apologize it's taken me a while to write this. Having one of those "never rains but pours" moments :) Hope to get back to blogging pretty soon.

  6. Welcome back, Suji. Time does fly quickly, doesn't it?

    I hope you guys had a fabulous break. And I do think the time spent there could be accounted for many more than cultural studies in your charter school....:)

    Hope you folks are getting over the jet lag...


  7. Thanks Subadra! I still have an overwhelming urge to sleep at 1pm every day LOL :) Hope to get over it soon.


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