Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Notes from the Doctor's Office

The kiddo is having some sort of an unexplainable allergic reaction. We think it may be a reaction to one or more chemicals in sunscreen (I used one for babies no less!) but it's difficult to be sure. At first I thought it was sore eyes or some kind of a viral infection (he had a rash with the red eyes) but that doesn't seem to be the case. He had complained of painful eyes after we'd applied the sunscreen so it is possible he got some in by mistake. The eyes are now better but the rash has spread! Thankfully, his sense of humor is intact.

So, we made a ped's appointment and got some meds (which seem to have already started working, hurray!).

Here are some of his comments in the doctor's waiting room yesterday...

Kiddo: "What lotion does a treasurer use? Gold Bond! Get it?" (he claims he made this up)

Kiddo, with Mad Libs pad in hand: "Is 'ending' a verb?" (Is it? I have no idea!)

Kiddo: "Mom, here's another joke...a man wrote 'Robinson' on a piece of paper and threw it into the fire. Why did you do that, his friend asked. The man said, so I could listen to Smokey Robinson!" (again, claims he made this up)

Diagnosing possible ailments of others in waiting room: "I think that man has asthma, he keeps coughing. That lady has a cold, she keeps wiping her nose. That lady is walking with an odd gait, what do you think she has?" (the lady in question had obviously just given birth).

Waiting the entire time with t-shirt pulled over nose so that he won't breathe in any infected air: "I know what everyone in the waiting room is going to think I have...hypochondria!"


  1. Sorry to hear about the rash! Sunscreen is tough - after a bunch of research (Ok, my friend did most of the research, I just piggy backed onto her pick), I found a sunscreen that doesn't sting my kids' eyes! (or mine - I'd sometimes have trouble even with sweatproof stuff making its way into my eyes). Anyway, it's called Mexitan, and I've ordered direct from their site and from Amazon. It's not cheap, and it definitely turns you a bit white when you put it on, but I find it's worth it because I can just slather the kids and not worry about eyes at all. http://www.mexitan.com/

    Good luck with the rash - I hope it goes away as quick as it came!

  2. lol - he's a classic. I'm glad you got something that's starting to work already. (And yes, you can have a Billy cooked meal when you come to stay!)

  3. I love the jokes and comments about the other patients, too funny! Isa often gets a rash when he's been out in the sun and it takes several days to clear up.

  4. Thanks for the rec Stephanie! I bought a chemical free tube from Burt's Bees. Will try that to see what happens and if the spot test reveals an allergy, I'll try Mexitan next! Thanks again!

  5. Thanks Kerrie and Michelle :)


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