Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Red Pyramid

Kane Chronicles, The, Book One: Red Pyramid, The (Int'l Paperback Edition)This time, it's ancient Egypt! Rick Riordan, author of the ancient-Greece themed Percy Jackson series, sets his sights on resurrecting Set with The Red Pyramid. I'm so grateful to Susan for highlighting this in her latest blog post (Susan, you rock!).

Looks like it'll be some time before we get the book though. For one, I'm a little bit of a mule when it comes to prefering to waiting for the paperbacks (we still haven't read The Last Olympian for that reason). Errr...paperback version expected out on June 8 so I may not really have to wait that long! For another, we have too many books in all sorts of states of completion littering the carpet up and downstairs. He has to finish a few before I will budge. So there (he he).

But wait till he hears about this book. Wait till his Dad hears I'll be contemplating another book purchase!

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  1. OOh that looks good! (Another one added to the mental list..)


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