Thursday, July 22, 2010

FunSchooling Is Versatile Too!

Says Subadra. Mdm Versatility herself! Am I grateful? You bet I am! But floored nonetheless by the requirement to say seven things about myself and again, award other versatile bloggers. They sure don't make them easy. LOL. Thank you Subadra. Although I seriously feel unworthy here!

Since I'm a little reticent about sharing too much (hey, I already second guess all the posts about the kiddo!) maybe I'll tell you folks a little something about my family too. How about that? I'm sure they won't mind (you'll still love me won't you, guys?).
  1. I started writing poetry at about five or six years old. By eight, I'd clip together sheets and sheets of poetry and stuff them into Dad's hands as soon as he returned from his business trips. Most of them were about how much I missed him.
  2. I was a very rowdy little youngster and hated wearing girlish clothes. Wanted to be a boy and would wear my brother's shorts and tees at home instead. I prefered legos and meccanos to dolls (most of the dolls I received from hapless gift-givers were beheaded and be-torsoed in seconds). Obviously, I hated puberty.
  3. I used to eat the graphite in pencils. Yup! Would just chomp them off, sharpen them and chomp off somemore. Particularly during lessons I didn't like. This only lasted a short while though. Sometime when I was six or seven.
  4. Dad and Mom fell in love when they were both caring for the same patient in a teaching hospital in India. Dad wooed Mom with many love letters and Mom eventually accepted. Stuff Indian movies are made of :)
  5. My parenting role model is my very beautiful, extremely patient sister-in-law. Although she and I were both born in the same year, I sometimes feel like she's years older in experience and parenting skills. But I look a lot older than she does. She is such a great mom!
  6. If you meet my brother, the first thing he'd do is try to convince you that I tried to choke my baby sister with milk powder 30 years ago. I vehemently deny this.
  7. My sis is an awesome self-taught photographer. I was very careful not to choke her as a baby knowing she'd be rich rich rich someday (ahem...). I'll post some of her photos of Delhi soon. :)
I'd like to pass this award on to these highly versatile bloggers:
Michelle of Whimsy Way...watercolorist and super cool compiler and reviewer of great homeschool resources (most of them free!)
Christina of Rockhound Place...I have so much respect for people who can play music professionally, and homeschool three kids successfully at the same time.
Jimmie of Jimmie's Collage...American homeschooler in China who shares about many resources and writes eye-opening stories on her blog. That says everything doesn't it?

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  1. Suji, How sweet of you! I really appreciate it. Your new header (maybe it's been around a long time, if so sorry) is so pretty. Love the mushroom! :-)
    Blogger is still blocked in China, so I don't visit these blogs as much as I'd like.


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