Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FunSchooling Has Substance!

Or at least dear, sweet Kris thinks so LOL :) Kris, thanks so much. You've made my day.

As it goes with most blog awards, there are some rules:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.
  3. And the toughest of them all...pass it on to 10 other blogs with substance. I think people who think up these awards do it for the sheer torture of it sometimes don't you? But no, I am being cheeky. I am truly grateful. Anyway, here goes.
My blog summation sentence:
Life should be tons of fun, otherwise there's always icecream!
(why do I get the nagging feeling icecream is 2 words?)

I don't think I can do 10, folks. I seriously want to vote all the blogs in my blog roll. Every one of them is there for the reason that I truly enjoy reading them. But since I don't want to seem disrespectful of the rules and Kris' trust in me, I will highlight the blogs that I have learned a lot from very recently (in alphabetical order):
  1. Foodie Culture: I've often wanted to scold Yen for making my mouth water so much LOL. If you live in the SF Bay Area and have wheels and a very adventurous palate (plus LOTS of energy), don't miss her suggestions!  
  2. Freely Educate: Amazing resource ideas, all for free. Lori's selfless sharing is truly a substantial contribution to homeschoolers everywhere.
  3. Greenridge Chronicles: Sheila has consistently not only been a wonderful online source of laughs and great ideas but also a blogger I'd readily take lessons on writing from. Her wit, kindness and honesty are truly of great substance in my book.
  4. Kez's Blog: Many would say I am biased for voting for my best friend but I can't help it. Kerrie just lifts me up with her wonderful posts and very inspiring natural learning bent. If you haven't gotten to know her personally, you should at least try :)
  5. Library of Books, Links and More: I don't think there can be any doubt about substance here. Subadra is without compare one of the most helpful people out there when it comes to figuring out advanced science and math resources for your child.
  6. Magic and Mayhem: Alicia makes unschooling four bright and beautiful children look amazingly effortless. But we know better don't we? And I salute her for all the hard work she and her hubby are putting in.
  7. Quarks and Quirks: Sarah offers very substantial and detailed reviews of some of the best homeschool curriculum. As well as very interesting updates on homeschooling two extremely intelligent young men. Her ideas for high school science are very helpful to me because I have a feeling the kiddo is going to be following a similar learning path.
  8. Traveling Jews: Ruth has been there and done that. I find her blog very relaxing to read because I feel as if here is a mom who's seen so much and has gone through so many challenges in homeschooling and life and yet manages to stay sane and calm and collected. One extremely inspiring experienced homeschooling mom here.
Thanks again Kris and happy blogging everyone!


  1. Oh did not expect this! Thank you for making my day brighter. Blog of Substance award!! Hmm...this is a bit heavy duty award, no? Thank you for thinking of my blog! I love your other choices of blogs too. And I know that is a very hard job, lol
    Yes, I am drinking coffee and sitting with my laptop. Packing is not happening now. For one, I ran out of boxes:)

  2. Thanks Suji! You are such a charmer!

    Oh, by the way, I too think ice cream is two words. We can rewrite the OED on that one.

    BLEST: Blest is a state of mind. As in: I feel blest right now. As in: I am blest with poor spelling.

  3. Very nice list of recipients for this award...your blog is definitely deserving! Thanks for putting these up, I love to check out new blogs 'with substance' ;)

  4. Awww, Suji, I'm so flattered! Thanks so much for the award, and right back at'cha! You are definitely deserving, and I'm adding another Blog of Substance vote for FunSchooling :)


  5. Hi There,
    Now in addition to having substance, you are also crowned a Versatile Blogger:)
    You can pick up your award here

    Have some chocolate ice cream next to you while you work on this post:)).


  6. Running out of boxes can be a huge relief...depending on the situation of course LOL. I remember when we were packing to move and I ran out and it felt like I'd been granted a huge holiday! Thanks so much for the versatile blogger award, Subadra! I will take a couple of days to think up those 7 things but think them up I will! I promise :)

  7. Sheila, though art blest indeed...but with sharp wit and hair oops, heart LOL. My hairdresser says I'm her only customer who requests for hair thinning and the only person she knows who shrieks at shampoos that increase volume!

  8. Oh thank you Blossom! Very sweet and kind of you. I hope FunSchooling will be deserving of this praise for some time. Honestly at times, it can be a challenge to write something I'd want to remember that will also be useful for my readers...but I will keep trying! :) Thanks again!

  9. Aiyo Yen...you are so sweet...thank you so much :) Hey, you have to blog something about our Malaysian dessert porridges soon. I have a bag of red beans in the fridge waiting for a good recipe :)

  10. You are welcome dear, fair Kerrie :)

  11. Thank you, Suji! I'm signing in with my Just Pure Lovely blog, but this is Lori @ FreelyEducate.com. Thanks a bunch for helping to spread the word that a high quality education can be FREE!

    p.s. I love your layout and content. I'm definitely going to spend some time browsing. Thanks for sharing your site.

  12. Thank you. But now I have to have something substantive to say. Oh, the challenge..


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