Friday, July 16, 2010

The Songs in Our Heads

Linus and Lucy theme from The Peanuts! Kiddo and I both have a bet going about who can learn it first. He's canvassing help from his piano teacher while I have to learn it from YouTube and other sites LOL. Winner gets three straight days of huge helpings of ice cream :) And no, I am not a piano player (have taken only about 5-6 months worth of lessons 2 years ago) and he's a beginner student still. Wish us luck!

From Piano Lessons.

Learn it here:

and more here:

And Pink Panther! (for another time, I'm too beat for learning two difficult songs in a row).


  1. This is such a great post! I love that you and the kid are racing, and I love the song you picked.

    I had not-very-many piano lessons when I was a kid, too. In high school I decided to try to learn the Linus and Lucy theme, but I didn't have a recording of it, just my memory and sheet music. Unfortuantely I read music poorly and practiced it over and over and over with the wrong rhythm in the left hand.

    My son is also newly in piano, so I've been learning along with him. With the links you've put up to learn that song, I think I'll learn it too! It will be a challenge to get the wrong rhythm out and the right one in, but I think I can do it. I really had no idea those instructional videos would be on YouTube (but should have guessed). Thanks!

  2. Oh cool! How is it going so far? It is hard to take sides though, but wishing you both best of luck...have fun performing the piece!


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