Monday, July 19, 2010

A Believable Apprentice

Surprisingly watchable! And even more surprisingly, believable! I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining and even somewhat intelligent this was. And happy we chose it over The Last Airbender though the latter is something I still want to catch on DVD before I decide which one's better.
Watch it for the physics, the Tesla coils, the lovably goofy nerdy apprentice and for that animated dragon. Also, for a really cool, mechanical-looking flying eagle. Don't watch it if you normally like a short-haired Nick Cage or love Volkswagen Beetles.
Surprisingly good. Did I say I was surprised?



  1. Although I haven't seen this and have only seen one preview (about to watch what you put here) I'd say it's better than the Last Airbender. We love Avatar, the Last Airbender...the series in cartoon form. Don't miss it on DVD but ...probably not worth the money at the theater :/

  2. We loved the cartoons too. But the movie sounds a little weak based on the reviews. We'll probably see it anyway cos you never know :) Thanks for dropping in Blossom!


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