Friday, January 14, 2011

Buckyballs and Shapely Sculptures

Also known as "What we say we do for Geometry and Art" (wink).

I can't remember ever teaching the kiddo geometry concepts in a formal way. Sure, we have discussed acute and obtuse angles, drawn isosceles triangles galore and launched ourselves wholeheartedly into paper and paper plate folding. But these have so far always been journeys we took together as co-learners. I remember reading The Great Number Rumble with him when he was five and the concept of triangles and their uses in every day life stuck so very fast in that young brain, he still recalls it and finds lots of joy in seeing shapes that may not be visible at first glance to his astigmatic, much-less-observant Mom.

I have an extremely tactile fella at home...he's always seeking things to hold and manipulate. He finds lots of joy in having something (usually my arm) to squeeze. When he decides to stay in one spot for more than five minutes, he usually creates wonderful objects. Wonderful to me anyway. :) Perhaps that's why he fell deeply in love with ZooBee and MagNext toys as a younger kiddo. These were perfect for his delayed fine motor skills. Perhaps that's why he took to origami the way he did too. Paper is quite forgiving...if you can't manage those creases and patterns, you can always write on it, draw or cut it up!

Now, he's obsessed with creating geometrical structures using his Buckyballs. Man, these magnets are addictive! I keep having tug of wars with the kiddo over them. How can 216 ball bearing like little earth magnet things create such delight? Do may not want these cuties around your young pets and younger humans though.

If you already have one of these (hey, did you know they sell 'em in black too? Nifty eh?), there are several sites as well as YouTube videos that teach you tricks to try. Just google "buckyball tricks" or similar.


  1. Cool sculpture! Our kids got Buckyballs in their Christmas stockings and the whole family has enjoyed them. We'll have to check out the YouTube videos for ideas!

  2. They are amazing Sparklee, and thanks for visiting!


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