Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Things I'm Grateful For...

Our Year 3, January snapshot is all about gratitude.


The kiddo's online math class is going well. He's getting more rigorous practice with algebra compared to the Key To series and so far, the pace is just right. He's devoured a number of books of his and my choice, although the ones I chose were devoured a little less enthusiastically (chuckle).

We discussed the project learning idea and mutually agreed to stay with existing resources, but to remain flexible. If a project catches our eye we'll go for it; otherwise, we are both comfortable with the way we're learning from random resources online and in-print. Our light focus on the Middle Ages for history continues. The Thames & Kosmos Genetics and DNA kit is fun. Among other things, we isolated tomato DNA!

We finally received our microscope (ordered through our charter school) from Home Science Tools. So I must express how grateful I am for charter funds. It really helps us afford a number of expensive classes and materials...stuff we'd normally delay buying with our own funds unless we were really sure they were going to be used often.  

Here, our new microscope poses with some of our other science resources.

And speaking of microscopes, I'm grateful for enterprising friends who are willling to host classes in their homes. One friend has organized a microscope class for Moms! Isn't that neat? So I'm learning how to use a microscope and get the most benefit from its features. Below is my peppercorn solution for culturing bacteria. Both are in reverse osmosis filtered water but one has the cap off.

Learning is a lot more delightful when the whole family gets involved!


My dream to have colorful wicker organizers for our family-cum-school room has been fulfilled thanks to post-Christmas sales at local craft stores. I love the solid colors (as does the kiddo) and how much they brighten our space.

I also found a 2011 planner at a bookstore for recording what we do in a day. I might have mentioned before that I've been trying to find an online tool...well, I'm still not satisfied with what's available. Notebooks and planners have worked well for me so I am going to stick with paper. The best planner I've used so far is the BusyBodyBook but the boxes are too small for me. I like how this one has space for weekly appointments on the left and boxes for various projects, lessons, resources etc. on the right.


I'm grateful for my child's joy in creating and appreciating the simplest things, including his own fruit smoothie recipes and origami vampire monkeys. 

BLOGGING and the joy it brings...

I'm grateful for having had some time this month to play around with the blog and find a layout that feels right.

I am also extremely grateful for dear online friends and their thoughtful ways. Susan of Chicken Spaghetti sent us some books to read...she is SO generous! Thank you Susan! And Kerrie of Kez's Blog is giving me another special gift...the honor of hosting her and her family in our home in February. Only 10 days to go! 


  1. Love the new look!

    lol at the vampire monkeys - they remind me of the flying monkeys from Tin Man :)

    10 days to go - woooohooooo!

  2. Kez is coming to stay? Oh I do hope you'll blog about this.

    That Susan at Chicken Spaghetti is one community-minded person. Impressive.

    CHIRIN: Mirin for Chinese food!

  3. That looks like a great microscope. I'm going to be purchasing one soon, but oh, the cost!

    Wow, Kez is coming to stay? How exciting! :)

  4. Yes! Kerrie will be here in 10 days. Can't believe we'll finally meet IRL. :)

  5. I love your bright baskets! And what you and Kiddo are doing sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Thanks Vanessa! I had fun thinking up what to write on those little boards too. Settled for action verbs...livens it up even more!

  7. You may find this planner suits your needs more. I use the notes page for my to-do list. It is designed for the work day, but I usually just use the last hour on the appointment calendar for anything at night.

  8. Hey, that's a neat one jennybell. Wish I'd seen it first :)...have it on my wishlist now. Thanks!


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