Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shakespeare, err...Slapstick On Steroids

The Reduced Shakespeare Company - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)The Reduced Shakespeare Company is crazy, bawdy, definitely over the top but side-splittingly hilarious to the point of leaving you in physical pain (still rubbing my jaw from laughing so hard). Kiddo unfortunately caught all their humor, PG13 ones included, so keep in mind if watching with younger ones! He's still laughing although it's been an hour since we watched it. :)

RSC is available for check out on Netflix.

Here's a brief skit from the MacBeth section.

We're so hooked, we may check out their American History DVD too.


  1. Ohhh that looks really good!

  2. Suji, thanks for reminding me of these folks! Many years ago, I wandered across them on NPR and laughed all the way home from work. I've stuck with NPR since then but forgot about this delightful way to view Shakespeare. I'm adding it to my Netflix cue now.

  3. Thanks for visiting ladies! I know, I keep thinking of NPR but haven't tried it yet. Good reminder. My thanks to you too Sarah.


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