Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zeum Claymation and Some Arty, Earthy Pursuits

Meet Galileo and Signor Rosso! In an alternate world, Galileo wore a conical hat and conducted his famous experiment atop the Leaning Tower of Pizza using pepperoni and olives. This was the theme of the stop motion animation movie kiddo and his two friends made today at the Zeum in San Francisco.

Signor Rosso (Mr. Red in Italian), created by yours truly, meanwhile, had his own adventures with a tiger, cowboy, his lady love and an arm that kept falling off (don't ask). Each of us took home the character we made so I unfortunately am not able to show you the Tower of Pizza or the tiger or other characters and props. Suffice to say we had a blast with our homeschool group.

Other notable pursuits so far for the month:

Continued exploration of math patterns, a nature class he loves, art lessons with Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons (cheaper if purchased from Homeschool Buyers Co-op) and a sudden, deep interest in the contrast of light and shadow in photography.

Pictured here, product of Mark Kistler's Egg Yolk Expedition and Moon Crater lessons. Kiddo's on the right, mine on left. We enjoy the lessons very much because they are very stress-free, even for perfectionists! 

And ah yes, he-who-won't-step-outdoors-unless-threatened-with-book-deprivation is now nurturing a bunch of wildflower seedlings planted in our former-birdbath fountain. Baby steps ya?

We also happily celebrated his half birthday with a yummy tiramisu cake and four and a half candles. :)

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  1. Everything looks like so much fun. I love the drawings and the claymation!


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