Saturday, June 25, 2011

A History of Art Through Videos

I'm bookmarking some of the audiovisual materials we hope to use in Year 4 to take a leisurely spin through the history of western art. We might supplement as seen fit through museum visits. This list is of course, by no means exhaustive. I'll add to and edit the list as we watch the videos (mostly via Netflix) and will add comments to the ones we like or don't like.

I'd love suggestions if you have any!

The Private Life of a Masterpiece: The Complete Seasons 1-5 Van Gogh: A Brush with Genius (IMAX) [Blu-ray] A Model for Matisse Cezanne in Provence 

The Impressionists Simon Schama's Power of Art How Art Made the World   Landmarks of Western Art: The Late Medieval World- A Journey of Art History Across the Ages

Cezanne in Provence
A Model for Matisse
Van Gogh: A Brush with Genius

How Art Made the World
Simon Schama's Power of Art
The Impressionists
Landmarks of Western Art: The Late Medieval World
Landmarks of Western Art: Romanticism
Landmarks of Western Art: The Renaissance

When kiddo is ready for it:
The Great Courses: A History of European Art


  1. One of my favorite places to learn about art history is from Sister Wendy (Netflix has some of her videos, not streaming, unfortunately. Just search for "Sister Wendy"). She did a series of art history programs in the 1990s for BBC, which were then shown on PBS. She is easy to parody, but her love of art and history is obvious and infectious. If you haven't seen her before, you can watch some bits of her videos on YouTube.

    I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. We're new homeschoolers and I love both the booklists you provide and your laid-back style of home learning. It's inspiring to a nervous newbie.

  2. Hi Tori, thank you so much for visiting and suggesting Sister Wendy. We tried watching her programs about a year didn't captivate the kiddo...I was surprised as I'd heard how much other kids love her. We'll certainly try again. :)

    So glad the blog is useful to you. Thanks again for visiting!

  3. Love the list of videos. We haven't seen them all, so I think we will watch some this year.

    I also tried the Sister Wendy videos with my kids, and they were very uninterested. They usually will watch anything, but Sister Wendy just didn't catch their interest. I am not sure why. Maybe I should try again now that they are older.

  4. Great list, Suji! Thanks!!

    I will say that the episodes of the Schama series left my kids with the distinct impression that all artists are seriously disturbed. :) I genuinely enjoyed them and felt they taught a great deal, but my boys were a bit put off.


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