Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Fun

Notes for the month of June:

Splashing around. It's finally looks and feels like summer over here. The fact that I'm still in a good mood indicates it hasn't hit triple digits like it did last year at this time. We still have some cloud cover these days but the weather is balmy and our pool is finally at a comfortable temperature for kiddo's favorite cannonball dives. He's also been practising and improving on the swimming techniques he's learning at the twice-a-week class he takes.

More backyard camping fun. Hubby says kiddo actually rigged up the six-person tent by himself yesterday. Coming from hubby that's rare praise and so I will believe him. I'm relieved kiddo was able to do this. I now feel as if I can check one anxiety off my, rigging up a tent was one of the primary life skills I wanted kiddo to learn. I have some interesting priorities don't I? :)

Gardening fun. Last summer, we planted George Burns roses and this spring I added a wildflower seed mix to a few containers. I think I've mentioned that we also salvaged a broken bird bath by using it as a container to plant chrysanthemums. Caring for these beauties is becoming a hobby I look forward to very much every day. I've been a little ambivalent all this while towards gardening. Perhaps I will grow into loving it after all.

Simple catapult-building. I purchased this desktop-sized cutie as a Father's Day gift for hubby. I wanted the boys to have fun building something together and so we gave it to him a day early.

The kit was really easy to assemble and the boys finished it together within an hour. It includes a ball of clay to use as a projectile. The boys have been experimenting using other little things we have around and outside the home as projectiles too and I'm often kiddo's favorite target (ack).

Aha! Insight The Mysterious Benedict Society  A Wizard of Earthsea (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 1) John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars
What we're reading and watching. Kiddo's been re-reading all his Mysterious Benedict Society and Hercule Poirot stories. He's enjoying a few of the older Martin Gardner logic puzzles as well. I've been reading the Earthsea Cycle and John Carter of Mars series.

We're watching Merlin through Netflix instant streaming. Just finished Season One today and have started Season Two. I'm quite irritated with the Arthur character. But love Merlin and Gaius. And that cute CGI ol'dragon!

We'll be in Colorado in about ten days and I may not post till we're home again the second week of July. Wishing everyone a lovely summer filled with fun, revelry and laughter.


  1. Sounds like a terrific summer! BTW, we are watching Merlin, too. Great minds think alike! Enjoy Colorado. Some gorgeous terrain there.

  2. lol, glad that's another life skill to cross off your list ;p

    I'm so jealous that its warm enough to use that awesome pool.

    I like the series of Merlin but I find it really hard to get past the 'Disneyfication' of the time period, castle etc. But that's me :)

  3. Thank you Annie! I'm looking forward to the sights very much! :)

  4. LOL Kerrie, spoken like a true fan of Arthur. :) The series is so unrealistically portrayed that the history or reality isn't the draw for us. I know that for kiddo it's the whole fantasy thing and the fact that we're letting him watch some TV (grin). And for me, I just love a good magical yarn. :)

  5. For a second there I thought that was Benedict Cumberbatch (from Sherlock) as a young boy, but I see that is wasn't.

    Trivia Question: which fairly famous actor was in Branagh's Henry V as a child? No IMDBing, now...

    Stervess: What they call stewardesses on Gallifrey.

  6. Excellent! The pool looks GREAT!

    Have fun during your break!

  7. Thank you as always for visiting Neo! We will!

  8. Aaah, those stewardesses must be something eh Sheila? I wonder if they'll take me to the Doctor...sigh. And of course you know which one I mean.

    Ha, do you know we watched Gulliver's Travels today? Why did they squash Catherine Tate's talent by making her the queen of Lilliput? She would have made a wonderful beast-ess!


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