Saturday, June 4, 2011

Randomly Recent

Camping in the backyard. The boys gave it a go last night, despite the forecast for rain. Armed with tent, pillows, comforters, inflatable mattress, flashlights, cuddle toy, two flasks of hot Milo, sandwiches and iPad for watching Sherlock (yes, again!). Coward that I am, I settled for sleeping in my own, plush bed upstairs lol. It was a treat, I slept so deeply and well!

Beautiful geometry with Kaleidocycles inspired by Escher. I also realize I have too many paper strips demonstrating tangle number investigations all over my study table, many still in various stages of err...being tangled.

Gray, gray skies and plenty of stormy weather. Looks like winter almost. All this in June! I'm actually quite happy as I don't quite enjoy temps in the 90s and 100s anyway. But the cool weather is making me so sleepy! I'm drinking way more coffee than I should.

Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected HappensYearning for a simpler home-learning adventure. Every summer, I tie my neurons up in knots thinking and rethinking curriculum decisions. For the coming year I really want to keep it as simple as can be. Apart from math and foreign languages, I hope to spend more time reading quality books together. Reading aloud gets left out more than I want it to and this time I want to make it a priority. Yes, it makes me hoarse but he enjoys the snuggle time (as long as it's a book of his choosing). I also want to be seriously committed to continuing to build character (being resilient especially) and learning as much as we can about emergency preparedness.

A realization: "Mom, may I listen to some Pandora now? Otherwise, I hum and sing so much that I really annoy myself." I don't know whether to be relieved that he finally realizes it or wistful that he may cease to hum and sing happily. Reminder to mindful of what you wish for.


  1. Awww too cute about the camping! Did he enjoy it?

  2. He had a blast Kerrie! It started raining in the morning so they woke up earlier than usual and made themselves breakfast while I snoozed, oblivious to everything. So nice to be oblivious like that. :) I wish they'd do it more often (evil grin).

  3. I've been trying to persuade (without success) DH to camp with our son in the back garden but DH is not the camping sort, neither am I... Looks like a very fun week!


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