Friday, January 27, 2012

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This was a relaxed week at Funschooling Academy. We had a good time waking up late, eating breakfast for lunch and being general slobs most of the time. Kiddo needed the change in pace and it was one of those easier unschooled weeks than most.

"Sloop/ Speedboat/ Race Boat John B"

Improvisation is creative but loud and messy. There's many a missed note in the journey between the germ of an idea to the end product. I need to remember this. I didn't make this resolution this year, I know, but I want to write more posts where I am honest about how kiddo learns. It doesn't do anyone justice, least of all myself, to not be completely real about what happens here.

Here's kiddo improvising Sloop John B. He calls it Race Boat John B (although in my true control freak fashion, I'm trying to make him change his mind and call it Speedboat John B instead...I mean, speedboat starts with S like sloop so I thought...oh never mind). He seems very interested in checking out and experimenting with different chords. I wish I knew more about music theory to help him. But perhaps it's a good thing that I don't. I'll probably try to over-control that too!

The Racer Rover Project

Short story or long? I'll stick to the short. Dad bought an App-Controlled Wi-Fi Racer. Racing it around the house fired up the boys' imagination (watching Home Alone 3 helped too). Boys ordered a Wireless Mini Camera Kit. Havoc ensued. Camera's signal interfered with our wireless Internet. Kiddo googled it. Dad fixed it. Kiddo is brainstorming how to implant a light sensor should racer rover run into a dark room. I don't exactly know how that works or what it means. Short story ends. You can watch the video to see how the rover works. It's pretty cool. I've already told kiddo I will swat the racer if it ever, ever spies on me. You can't be too careful. You never know what these gadgets can or will do.

Other Stuff

We took a break from math, physics and German this week. Kiddo spent a lot of time on his beloved Irasshai videos and learning the butterfly stroke for swimming. He's officially graduated from Weeding 101. Weeding 201 begins today! ;)

His new debate session started yesterday. This time it's a public forum format with more emphasis on discussing national issues. Promises to be interesting!

Kiddo may decide to research the Ebola virus to present to our homeschool group in February. I'm trying my best to keep away from the whole business. My backing off resulted in no presentations for the past couple of months so that shows me that although he's very keen to present, the work is only done if mom does the urging. I'm curious to see if he'll do it on his own without any suggestions from me.(Jan 30 update: Ebola presentation not happening...kiddo is busy preparing for an oral recitation of a literature excerpt and it's due next week.)

I can't seem to remember if we did anything else this week. I really enjoyed the more relaxed pace and I know he did too.


  1. I love weeks like that!

    Cool rover - I want one!!

    Great job on the piano piece. I love the look he gives you at the end, like "Ok I'm done now, Satisfied?!"

  2. Relaxed is great isn't it? :) Kerrie, you know him so well! He can't understand why I like to bring the camera out when all he wants is to be left alone to do things his way. I tell him it works both ways. I'll start giving him the peace and quiet when he does the same for me, he he he!

  3. What a great week! I loved the rover video, and I enjoyed listening to his piano piece. Weeks like this is why I homeschool.


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