Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Much Needed Change

You had me at first buzz.

Look at you. Sleek, black and powerful. Ready to serve wherever and whenever I please. Crisp and clean and efficient. You needed a little tender, loving care when you arrived but once we had a connection, you throbbed into life, eager to please.

I will use you. Oh yes, I will use you. You complete me.

I still love you. You served me well. All these years. From our very first foray into homeschooling to these later years of printing schedules and monthly charter reports, we've been through so much together. After pages and pages of MEP and vintage books, how can I part with you without feeling a twinge?

But you began to hold back. You made demands each time I needed to print on both sides. You hesitated too often. I was patient. But you refused to budge.

Sometimes, a girl needs to move on.


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