Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oral Language Fair 2012

The Date: February 7, 2012 at a venue near us.

The Event: An oral language fair organized by our homeschool charter.

Kids present a poem or short story (in kiddo's case an excerpt from a book) either individually or in groups. I grew up participating in a yearly, school-wide recital competition during my school days so I jumped at the chance when I heard about this fair through my charter's listserv. So glad kiddo was game to try it. It was such a great and fun experience and the kids who took part were so, so good.

The Book Kiddo Chose: My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

The Excerpt: The one about Mother's monstrous bathing costume (pages 133-134).

The Journey: Just 10+ minutes of memory practice a day (he read the 3.5 minute excerpt to himself three times each day), starting the week after Christmas. Some breathing, pronunciation and facial expression tips from Mom two days before the event.

The Pleasant Surprise: Kiddo won second place! Woohoo!

The Prizes: A certificate, $25 Target gift card and a kids' meal coupon.

In addition...Treats from Mom: Mars bars (kiddo's first time trying these, yum!), and these books:
The Hunger Games,
Here's Looking at Euclid: From Counting Ants to Games of Chance - An Awe-Inspiring Journey Through the World of Numbers and The Days are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

I always look for excuses to buy more books! The bookstore discount coupons I had been collecting helped too! :)


  1. Good job! Keep up the good work! I love book store vouchers. Tiger has enjoyed the same Calvin & Hobbes book, so kiddo is in for a treat!

  2. Well done kiddo! I'm proud of you!

  3. Thanks guys! :) He also treated himself to the Masterpiece Theater adaptation yesterday (his 2nd time watching it). The boy adores the book!

  4. Congrats to kiddo! Sounds like fun. :)


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