Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Finds!

A quick round-up of free resources found recently on my web travels (I have forgotten how I found some of these so please forgive me if I don't mention all my sources).
  • Astronomy buffs, be sure to check out this introductory astronomy course from Starship Asterisk
  • Kiddo is a fan of Arthur Benjamin, he of the charming grin and sprite-like enthusiasm in the Secrets of Mental Math lectures. We researched Harvey Mudd College where Prof. Benjamin teaches, and found Mudd Math Facts, a library of fun math puzzles and articles.
  • Biology Online: Nice shockwave animations here on biochemistry and organic chemistry topics.


  1. Wow, another big THANK YOU for sharing the resources you've found! The math lecture looks like something Tiger would enjoy. I'm reaching for my purse now... :-)

  2. Love free links! Thanks :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I have been compiling a list of links to keep, but some of these I've never seen before.

  4. Happy to help folks! I wish I could remember where I learned about Starship Asterisk to give credit where due!

  5. You are a wealth of info! Thanks for sharing!


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