Thursday, June 14, 2012

Randomly Recent

Snapshots from inside and around the house this week:

Calla lilies reappear this year, looking pretty.

My reading assignments in preparation for a Coursera course.

Loving my new double-burner griddle.

New tile patterns keep popping up in front of the fireplace...those math manipulatives are being used!

Goofy math review with AoPS.

Only a day on Millie (my treadmill)? Oh Nooooo!

Kiddo's Sidney Harris addiction intensifies. 

Physics continues but may be delayed if kiddo takes a summer math class.

More buckyball sculptures in the making.


  1. The courses at Coursera look awesome! Thank you for pointing in that direction. We're going to sign up for a few of the basic courses over the summer. :-)

  2. Let me know how it goes! We might be doing the same ones! :)

  3. The snaps are awesome, as always :-Gorgeous lilies. What a beautiful sunshiny yellow!

    Good luck on the coursera course!

  4. Awesome course. Thanks for the info Suji. We might be signing up for this one.

  5. Thanks Preeti!
    S, hope you find the course fun!


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