Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pulling Teeth!

Literally! For poor Adrian.

The little guy had a lump under his eye when I came down to let him out last Saturday morning. We knew from the initial vet visits when we adopted him in December 2012 that he had a tooth problem. His left carnassial tooth was in the beginning stages of rotting. Since then, I have brushed his teeth whenever I could but that probably wasn't often enough or helpful enough. I took him to the pet clinic and according to the vet, the damage had already been done way back in December. So I made the appointment to have his tooth extracted. (Note: it's very, very expensive -- I shelled out $800 --  to do canine teeth extractions in the US and possibly, more so in California! Try to prevent it if you can!)

Poor little guy looking miserable in this shot. His cheek swelled up to golf ball size the next day and he was obviously in pain from the abscess and swollen glands in the neck area. He could barely open that left eye. We administered the medicines religiously and hoped for the best. I was particularly worried as I had read that because of the facial structure of small dogs, tooth abscesses can sometimes lead to blindness. It was an anxious time for all three of us. I know it's just teeth but we are so used to him being frisky and bouncy and crazy. It was hard to see him feeling quiet and sad, and worse, unable to tell us how to make him feel better. Luckily, the meds kicked in and his swelling reduced considerably the next day and even more the next. The extraction appointment was for yesterday, Wednesday the 21st, so I had to just wait and hope he would feel well enough for it.

Wednesday came and he had his extraction. He was still quiet and sad when I picked him up. All woozy too from the anesthesia. Towards the evening he started perking up a little.

And this morning (snapshot on the right)...he is back to his usual crazy self. really had us worried there, buddy. He has a follow up appointment next week so here's hoping his gums heal well. They had to open up his gums, cut the tooth up into pieces to remove it, make sure the bone wasn't damaged too, then suture it all up.

Incidentally, he smells a lot better now after the procedure. Vet cleaned his teeth as well, hence the higher price tag. I guess at least 80% of his halitosis must have been from the rotting tooth and the rest of it is just, well, dog, lol.

I've had dogs before and they basically took care of themselves. This little guy is so much more of a baby lol. But he makes up for it by being the lovely fella he is. We love you so much Adrian boy! Welcome back!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad he's feeling better! Poor pup. Our Layla hasn't had any tooth problems since we adopted her a year and a half ago and I just recently bought a doggie dental care set. We never brushed our dogs' teeth when I was growing up so it just wasn't on my priority list at first (it's hard enough keeping all 5 kids' teeth taken care of! LOL). I'll be sure to get on it now.

    BTW, I love the new blog design. I get your posts delived by email so I don't always view them on the web site. It's quite fun!


  2. Poor Adrian...he looks so miserable in that first picture. I am glad he is all better now.

  3. Thank you guys! Adrian sends virtual licks of thanks too. It's a huge relief to see him asking for belly rubs again. Can you believe he didn't even do that for a couple of days?

    Alicia, thank know how I like changing it around every few months right? ;) The next time you visit it might look different lol.

  4. Hey Suji, just read your blog. sad to see Adrian in the 1st pic. Know exactly how it feels not having a bouncy and hyper fella at your back as usual. Glad he's OK now and back to normal.. He looks really cute !

  5. Oh poor baby :( Glad he's feeling better now!


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