Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home Made Hand Soap!

Sensitive-skin friendly soap has been costing us a small fortune for the past few years. I normally order ours from Amazon. After reading this blog post, I was inspired to try making my own soap.

Basis Sensitive Skin Bars (the recipe calls for 8oz so I used 2 bars for batch #1).
Vegetable Glycerine (about 2 tbsp).
A gallon of hot, boiled water (the recipe suggests distilled water but normal tap water has worked fine so far).
I mix them all up and leave the pot on the countertop for about 12-15 hours (overnight and then some) for the soap to dissolve completely. With basis bars, it thickens considerably. If you use different soap, it might thicken even more or possibly not thicken at all (read the comments under the blog post linked above).

Once cool, I whip it up with my trusty immersion blender and immediately, fill up old soap dispensers I have been collecting.

I haven't tried using mason jar dispensers yet. They look pretty but their size might not be practical seeing how quickly we go through hand soap in this house.

I realized with batch #1 that the soap becomes way too thick (sort of goopy-textured) after a few days so this time, I filled the dispensers and left enough room to add some hot water later when needed. After adding hot water and giving the dispenser a good shake, the soap is less thick and quite good to go. A little stringy when dispensed but otherwise almost like normal hand soap. So much cheaper too.

I also experimented by using only 4oz. of bar soap for batch #2 but the same amount of glycerine. Hoping it results in less goopy soap! If you'd like to try this too check out that blog post and be sure to also read all the helpful comments from people who have tried and tested the recipe and made their own little changes to it.


  1. Oooh I'll have to try that one. I'd love to try real soap-making but I'm too scared!

  2. Ah! So cool, my friend! So cool!

  3. Thanks guys! Wish you were both close by. Would love to have you try it out for yourselves. :)


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